Monday, May 25, 2015

In the beginning...

Kadence I. goes by Kadence or KI but never Kady.
Born in 1984.
Has 2 sons that are the most important thing in her world.
Son 1 (A) is completely into Dinosaurs, KI could pass a masters degree in paleontology right now with how much she has learned about Dinosaurs because of son 1.
Maiasaura is her favorite dinosaur.
Son 2 (E) loves monster trucks and animals.  Kadence says he will be her veterinarian who drives monster trucks on the weekends when he grows up. 
KI doesn't want anymore kids but if she does the 3rd child will have an, "I," name.
Her husband is the most wonderful man.  Sometimes when Kadence drinks she picks fights with him just because she can't believe how perfect he is. 
Kadence started a blog to write about her weight loss journey.  
Prefers not to take selfies but with fat loss you have to to really see a difference when the scale isn't moving.
Use to eat 75% paleo but started gaining weight, switched to 100% paleo, still gained.  Went to, "calories in calories out," and is losing weight well... Will be, "CICO," for life.
She's just a big kid gone Mom.
KI's best friend... ".... You had me at, 'I hate that bitch, too.'"
She would like to apologize in advance for her grammar.
Went to college and probably has the most useless degree you can have. 
Kadence dances.
Goal weight is 134 so that she can be 1 pound less than she was in college. 
KI writes.
Always compared to her younger, skinnier, prettier, more successful sister... Still loves her sister. 
Kadence hates facebook.
She tried to go completely, "screenless," once a week for an entire day (she never makes the entire day.)